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Katies Reward

This sign is in Michigan.

Montana Refinery Inside Sign

This is a sign which was done in April 2004 for the Local Refinery here in Great Falls. It greets the customers and business people when they come into the office.

Refinery Sign

Here is another view of the inside sign.

Refinery Outside Sign

This sign was completed April 2004. It shows more 3D perspective. What do you think? Can I make something like this for you?

Green Ridge Sign

This is a entry sign into a fairly new vacility for horses here in Great Falls. They wanted something big and attractive to show off their horse arena and show area.

Green Ridge Sign2

Another view up close. This is quite large by the way. That is a 16 foot opening in that gate.

Green Ridge Sign3

This sign was done in three dimension. We powder coat these signs to make them stand up to the Montana weather. What do you think about this sign? Can I build one of these for you?

BNSF Car shop

This is the first sign I did for the Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad. It was hand cut by acetylene torch.

Boland Contruction Sign

This was mounted to a large sand stone rock here in Great Falls, MT.

Byrd Interprise Sign

This sign was made with a bulls head that sort of 3 D's outward. Nice addition to any business that needs something really different and long lasting. All of our signs are powder coated.

Kings Row Sign

This sign shows the address and name of an apartment building.

Engellant Sign

This sign is near the little town of Geraldine, MT.

Filius Sign

The people I created this sign for wanted to mount this to their house with a white background.

Forseth Ranch Sign

This sign was hand cut before I started using a computer to create my signs. Still not to bad for hand cut. We recently had it powder coated and mounted to this pipe frame outside of Fairfield, MT.

Golden Ridge School Sign

This sign was made for a country school my wife attended while she was growing up.

Gersenberger Sign

This sign was added to an old ore cart with a mail box sign beside. The fellow who had me make it was an old railroader so that why you see the Great Northern Insignia.

Good Grace Acres

This sign was made for folks in Pennsylvania.

Jacobsen Sign

We can design a simple sign or one like this which is more fancy. It has an arrow because people wondered some where else onto their property.

Welcome To Havre Sign

This sign was in the making for two years. It has stained glass of the old railroad icons such as the old mountain goat and steam engine. The sign also tells an old story of how Havre, MT got its name.

James Sign

This sign is somewhat simple, but gives credit for a donation their parents gave.

Castle Reef Sign

This sign is on dude ranch west of Augusta, Mt. It points the way to their ranch. The last I had heard someone had stolen the sign. I guess some people really like elk signs.

Young Ranch Sign

This was a Christmas present for a local ranch.

Mean To Be Sign

A sign we did for someone giving a gift for that special person.

Old Steam Tractor Sign

This is a three D item with color.

Rocky Mountain Repair Sign

This sign we completed fall of 2002. It has layered letters to make it stand out.

Vandenbos Sign

This sign is near Valier, MT. It has six different colors of powder coating. This cost more but is worth it in style and color. Can we do one like this for you?

Bulicks Sign

This sign shows something different we can do for you. With a circle, brand, and graphic of mountains and buck running.

Montana Sport Horses

This is a local sign here in Great Falls, MT

Custom Made Doodads Sign

This was the first sign in front of my residence outside of fairfield.

Great Northern Sign

This was done for some fellow who wanted something for an old caboose he has up in Essex, MT.

Road Sign Markers

These are a new development we have started with Teton County Road Dept. They are made of 10 gauge material and as you can see they stand up better to wind shear which are common problem with alumimum signs.

Donna Hill Sign

This is a sign out of Great Falls in a small community called Ulm. We put some color in it to give it some debth and high light. What do ya think? Can I do one of these for you?

Gusto Staircase

This staircase goes from an office to an upper third level.

Gusto Staircase2

This is another view of this interesting project.

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