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This page was designed with people in mind who are curious about this metal fabrication business.  We hope you find this interesting and helpful.


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Tony Roma Project

Custom Bed Headboard

Hopper being Sand blasted.



Custom Sign


If you would like to order any of these just contact us at 406-590-2739 or email us at jessewag@msn.com

Send it off along with VISA or MasterCard number. Don't forget your exp. number too.

We will ship them ASAP.


A Custom Made Bed

Another custom sign for a Gift


For a local Pastor


A custom sign for a Ranch


Shannon Tatum Sign

Constance Fitzpatrick Sign

Andrew Pratt Sign

A local wood works sign

This went up locally


Stahly Sign

Stahly Sign

Back Side


Stahly Sign


Stahly Sign

Address Sign


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